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City Salesmen’s Club

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Founded in 1930

“I believe the best way to help myself is by helping the other fellow.”

H.T. “Ray” Castello

Historical note

The City Salesmen’s Club was founded in 1930 by H.T. “Ray” Castello. Castello wanted to improve the sales profession, and he envisioned an organization that would gather once a week to discuss ideas leading to better salesmanship. Castello intended for the individual salesman to benefit from the club, not his firm. The membership of the organization would consist of one individual from each industry and no more than two members could be on the payroll of the same company.


To increase the business efficiency of each member and to cultivate the highest ethics of salesmanship by the exchange and discussion of ideas and the promotion of good fellowship.


City Salesmen’s Club

The Dream of
Ray Castello

In 1930, H.T. “Ray” Castello had a dream. Together with several other sales­men, Ray found a method of promoting business, boosting the spirits and increas­ing the awareness of salesmen. This was the humble beginning of the City Sales­men’s Club.

The purpose and need of the club were all too evident during those early years of depression and despair. Salesmen were expected to sell even when no one was buying. Bosses were cutting salaries, commissions and bonuses. Salesmen who were fortunate enough to have jobs, couldn’t sell their products.

Ray’s solution was a brainstorm, one that he had been living with for two years. If other salesmen who were in the same position would “look out” for each other, there may be a way to survive this terrible time. Ray’s answer was so simple and pure that no one else had thought of it.

Ray’s idea is still alive and grow­ing today. Salesmen from all walks of life are still “looking out” for the other fellow. Bonded together, they offer encourage­ment and advice, leads and sales, and enjoy the fellowship of friends.

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Kosair Shrine Center

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